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    We apologize for the inconvenience. We currently don’t support the ability to open shared mailboxes or other mailboxes that you have permissions to access.

    To open these mailboxes, you can access Outlook from a desktop browser (by requesting the desktop site in the browser settings) or use the Outlook mobile app that can be downloaded from the iOS and Android app store.

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    MT commented  · 

    Ok, once again: the app is useless in this regard, it does not support shared folders either. The desktop version can be requested „intuitively“ by tapping the AA in the browser text field. It is sad that your support does not seem to realize that it may require some instruction for some users to find this option at all. The desktop version is not really made to be used on mobile devices (surprise), but at least this works since MS does not seem to be able to roll back to the old version. Sad. In times like these where people are forced to work from home, a company like MS reacts by removing features that are essential to small or medium-sized companies. Thanks very much for being so considerate. Not.

    MT supported this idea  · 
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    MT commented  · 

    Ok, now I am confused. I did install the app, but could not find my shared folders there either. I filed a query within the app and got the answer that this was not supported and that I needed to use web Outlook. So one is referring me to the other, and neither supports it any longer? Or is there a third version I am not aware of?

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    MT commented  · 

    You mean this is a feature, not a bug?? This functionality was essential for my work. Why do you keep „improving“ the look with huge buttons that nobody needs and on the other hand remove important features? Please restore this to the state of yesterday, when everything was working fine. That would be much appreciated, thanks.

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