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    Kolja Beckmann commented  · 

    MS as a major provider for email software bears a major responsibility for email security as such. But MS Outlook has no internal means of using the only used defacto standard GPG/PGP. GPG is open source and could and should be used in Windows similiar to OpenSSH to provide Outlook with automated email encryption and signatures.

    Additionally MS could use its MS accounts to transfer and store and certify public keys and by this getting new users to MS accounts as a possible benefit.

    Also backuping private keys to MS servers as an option could be a feature similiar to bitlocker.

    GPG private passwords could also be linked to user passwords with Windows login - optionally but as standard - to make user experience acceptable for the average or unexperienced user.

    The major advantage is that users trust MS software rather then complicated third party software and will care about email security.

    Also MS would demonstrate that you majorly care about user privacy if you take the initiative before others. This would be a great way to increase accpetance especially with knowledgeable opinion leaders.

    Also in further stages this could be used as secure messenger service within MS Outlook even though it does not provide forward security. The integration with the Outlook mobile app and the link between PC and Mobile world could break through in mobile world as professionals such as lawyers, journalists, doctors, government etc. need it. They currently have no safe email client to do so and link the different worlds right from their desktop. They could act as opinion leaders and as first users with the ability to share documents quickly and safely inbetween the different plattforms and with their colleagues and clients and that all within a familiar and trusted enviroment.

    Also special certified accounts with their ability to sign documents could be used for gov related or other businesses such as signing contracts etc. right within Outlook. The later could make use of automated subkeys so there could be a special differrntly passworded key for signing contracts.

    So the advantages and possibilities for the users and MS are tremendous as shown above and it would be most welcome if MS dives into it quickly.

    Kolja Beckmann supported this idea  · 

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