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    We’ve identified one of the issues with Firefox which will be fixed when Firefox updates to version 57.

    One of our users has also posted a solution for Firefox that seems to work that you can try in the interim:
    1) Type “about:config” in the address bar.
    2) Click the “I accept the risk” button.
    3) Type “accessibility.blockautorefresh” in the search box (though, you might not have to do this – for me it is the third item from the very top in config).
    4) Double-click on the first item that appears to modify the value to “true”.
    5) Restart Firefox.

    We are also working on improving reliability and performance while scrolling that will help alleviate this issue on other browsers like Chrome, Edge, and IE. Those changes should be available soon and we will update this thread once those have been released.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Carole Lynn Steiner commented  · 

    When I am scrolling back in Sent folder to locate an email 'sent' perhaps two months back, new Outlook jumps up and down. It keeps going back to the current day, and I have to scroll back yet again. Then you try to move cursor from the scroll bar into the email to open it AND GARBAGE NEW OUTLOOK JUMPS BACK TO CURRENT DAY, AND YOU HAVE TO SCROLL ALL OVER AGAIN. New Outlook DOES NOT FUNCTION PROPERLY. NO BUSINESS PERSON DEVELOPED THIS AWFUL SYSTEM!!!

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    Carole Lynn Steiner commented  · 

    I am trying to update an old email in order to forward it to someone else, but new Outlook jumps around and does not let me make corrections. I try to scroll down to the bottom, but when I get toward the bottom with the cursor and I try to move the cursor into the email to make some changes, the new Outlook jerks the whole email back to the top. NEW OUTLOOK REFUSES TO ALLOW ME TO GET TO A LOWER PORTION AND MAKE CHANGES AFTER SCROLLING DOWN. The only solution is using the up/down arrows to go down, and that takes a major amount of time with a long email. Whoever came up with this disaster never ran a business and dealt with all kinds of emails. I, too, want back the old Outlook.

    Carole Lynn Steiner commented  · 

    Inbox no longer holds still. When I move cursor downward, and then go to open an old email, the inbox screen JUMPS back to the beginning. The screen is too sensitive to movement by the cursor. I am going crazy with loss of time in my business day (which is 7 days a week). Also, everything is functioning more slowly. Additionally, I need to see more subject lines on my inbox screen. The horrible new Outlook shows too few lines of email. I BEG YOU: GET THAT SCREEN FIXED SO WE CAN SCROLL DOWN TO OLDER EMAILS AND EASILY OPEN THEM INSTEAD OF HAVING THE SCREEN POP BACK TO THE BEGINNING (the current time and date).

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