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    Robin Wilson commented  · 

    Another issue is that if an HTML email has white text and a black background then when you reply Outlook changes your text to black but the background of the reply remains black so it can't be read.

    Microsoft are innovating in so many other areas that they seem to have overlooked the more basic issues.
    I'm on the Office Insider programme but the HTML rendering is just the same complicated mess that it has been for many years (to a time when this was acceptable).

    They can't even fix this reply box to work with modern browsers!

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    Robin Wilson commented  · 

    It looks like my idea was merged with this one (the first time I added it it was deleted) which is why it is written more as an idea than a reply.

    But I totally agree with this and the fact that the rendering is completely inconsistent between Microsoft's various Outlook/Mail apps makes this all the more difficult to deal with.

    The fact that we most use a technology (VML) in the latest 2016 version that was deprecated 5 years earlier in 2011
    to achieve even basic formatting is pretty poor.

    They can't even get this user voice website to render correctly in their own Edge browser so there is probably no hope in this ever getting addressed!

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    Robin Wilson commented  · 

    urrently Outlook for Desktop uses Microsoft Word to render html email meaning you must add VML (a technology deprecated in 2011) to created nicely formatted emails which does not support any sort of responsive design.

    This is holding back creativity in the design of HTML email formatting with Outlook lacking basic formatting present in most other email clients.

    Worse still, support for HTML varies greatly between the Outlook apps with Outlook 2016 for desktop the worst and Outlook for iOS offering much better support.

    I posted this idea previously and it was deleted so if you delete again please can you explain why my suggestion is not valid?

    In addition, in Edge this suggestion box is only 17 characters across and 4 lines high on a desktop computer and pressing the Facebook login button refreshes the page so I had to type all this again.


    Robin Wilson supported this idea  · 

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