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TXP: Events from email feedback

Thank you for sending feedback to the Outlook team. We value your feedback and read all of them, as hearing from you helps us make Outlook better for all our users.
The following information about your booking or event will help us understand your feedback better:
- A screen shot of the event that Outlook found;
- Details on what Outlook missed or read incorrectly;
- Provider the email came from; and,
- Location (City, Country) of the event.

Frequently Asked Questions about the “Events from email” feature in Outlook.

Q. I don't want events automatically added to my calendar, how do I turn it off?

A. You can configure this feature in the Outlook Web App by clicking the menu in the bottom right corner of the event card and selecting the settings option for that event type. Here, you can select "Only show event summaries in email" if you would like to turn off auto-adding for an event type, or "Don’t show event summaries in email or on my calendar" if you would like to completely turn that event type off. These will also disable email reminders from being sent to you prior to your event. You can also configure these settings for all event types by clicking on the Settings (gear) icon and searching for "Events from email" (Settings > Calendar > Events from email).

Q. I have a question about the reservation or event in the actual email. How do I contact them?

A. For questions about the reservation or event in the email sent to you, please contact the service provider (airline, travel agency, delivery service, etc.) who sent you that email. Outlook uses the information already available in the original email to create these events and does not represent the provider in any way.

Q. The time for the event looks incorrect on my calendar?

A. On your calendar, events are shown in your local time zone and not the event time zone. You can check your time zone setting in Outlook.com by clicking on the Settings (gear) icon and searching for "Language and time" (Settings > General > Language and time). In some cases, we cannot determine the proper length of a reservation (e.g., a dinner reservation) so we will default to a common length of time. Making this time adjustable is something we have planned for an upcoming release.

Q. How do I report an error or missing details in the events that Outlook found?

A. Navigate to the original email where Outlook found events > click on "Not Useful" under the event summary on top > click "Report an issue".

Q. What kind of events can Outlook detect and add to my calendar?

A. Outlook currently supports travel bookings (flights, hotels, rental cars), package deliveries, entertainment events, dining reservations and service appointments, when sent from supported providers. We are always working on supporting more providers and new types of events.

Q. If I share my calendar with someone, will they see my flight or package information?

A. Only if you want them to. The events are marked private by default, so the details will not be visible to someone with whom you shared your calendar. You can change the default at Outlook.com > Calendar Settings > Events from email by clicking on the Settings (gear) icon. 

Q. Can I edit the events Outlook added to my calendar?

A. Currently you can only edit how these events show on your calendar (Free, Busy …), set reminders and delete them. Allowing more properties of the event to be editable is something we have planned for an upcoming release.

Q. Can I forward the events Outlook added to my calendar to my family and friends?

A. Yes. Find the event on your calendar and choose "Share via email".

Q. How do I print the email without the Outlook event summary on top?

A. With the email open, chose Print from the Outlook menu under "…" instead of using the browser print option.

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