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Change custom field display order.

Sorry about the trouble. To change the display order of Custom Fields in your published page do the following:
  1. Open service details for a service you want to change the order. 
  2. Click modify under custom fields section. 
  3. In the custom fields section, at the very bottom you will see the current order of custom fields, you can use this to make sure it is the order as you go along in the following steps. 
  4. Now, back in the custom field section click on all the highlighted fields (dont click on the required checkboxes just yet). Click on the custom field text to deselect it. As you deselect you will notice the fields disappear from the current order section. 
  5. Deselect all fields (so that the current custom fields display order section displays no fields).
  6. Now start selecting the fields in the order you want them displayed. (also make sure you mark any required fields by checking required the checkbox). 
  7. Once you are done with the order check  current "Custom fields display order" section to make sure the order is correct. 
  8. Click 'Ok' on custom fields panel. 
  9. Click 'Save' on the service details page. 
  10. After saving the service, go back to your published page and refresh it. Now selecting the service you just saved will display the field in the new order. 
I hope this helps. Let me know if you are still not able to set the order and we can look further. 

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