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Bookings: Using Personal Calendars to Set Availability in Bookings

You told us you want availability in Bookings to reflect personal appointments

Currently, Bookings lets a business block staff members’ availability by either creating a Time off event for them or by editing their working hours. But, the Bookings customer base has made it clear that existing events on a staff member’s personal calendar must also show-up in Bookings so that personal conflicts are accounted for in staff availability and so that double-booking over personal events is avoided.

In response, the Bookings team has started building functionality that lets customers use personal and staff calendars in Bookings so that a staff member’s true availability is reflected on the booking calendar and on the Bookings self-service page.

How will it work?

Once this functionality is ready, a Bookings administrator will be able to turn personal calendars on and off on for specific staff members in Bookings. Initially, we will support adding staff’s Office 365 calendars and we will add support for non-Office 365 based staff member calendars, later. Details for personal events are not shown but busy times will be reflected in Bookings when the relevant check box is selected.

(Note: your product experience might look slightly different)

Updates to a personal Office 365 calendar will update relevant events in Bookings, too. For example, if a Bookings administrator is using a staff member’s personal calendar in Bookings, and the staff member add, deletes, or edits an event on their personal calendar, those changes will be reflected in Bookings.

(Note: your product experience might look slightly different)

When will it be available?

As of publication of this article, work has started on this feature and the plan is to make it available to customers later this year. Please keep an eye out for it and once it’s live please give feedback by clicking the “Feedback” links spread around Bookings or by visiting the public Bookings forum at: https://outlook.uservoice.com/forums/314907-microsoft-bookings.

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