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ISSUE - "MOVE" function eliminate folder navigation not see folder strucutre instead typing folder name- cannot remember them all

Major issue - Move mail has big headache in moving mail to file. The new beta eliminate and not show the folder structures including sub folders where you can choose where to file mail as in the standard version. Instead, it makes you to type in some key words of the folder or sub folders to pull them up - I guess try to test our memory? unfortunately most people are doing very good to memorize all the folder names. (2) more issue on the contextual menu of the "move mail" function when right-click on the mail to move - there is no entry text box to enter keywords or showing the file structure to choose from. The only thing is that in some cases but not always it retains the folder names (not sure how many can be there). I tried moving mails to sub folders, it does mot remember. (3) Even the standard version, i always feel it is hard to see which folder is under which meaning the display and navigation on the folder structure is not very smooth. Adding sub folders under the right folder something hard or confusing. There is not much indent to show the folder structure well which would be nice to have a more artistic and smoother display of the structure and manipulation. (4) not sure how to remove folder in the favorite. I have folder is empty by default in there but no function - how to remove them? cannot figure out there is no help or button to deselect them.

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    Am also totally unhappy with this. When moving a mail, All folders used to give a tree view in which I could navigate and choose the correct folder. Now it just gives a flattened list of folders, including many duplicate names (by duplicate names, I mean a name such as 'Invoices' which is only unique when qualified by the levels above it). So I could have for instance My Mails/IBM/Invoices, My Mails/Microsoft/Invoices etc. etc.

    In the new Outlook GUI, I
    - have lost the possibility to navigate between levels
    - do not know at what level a folder displayed in All folders exists
    - have to think before selecting a folder which exists several times (e.g. Invoices).

    When I wrote to Support, they replied "our engineers have actually simplified the management of folders".
    I answered "What Microsoft has done is not simplification, it is dumbing down. There was no need to remove the folder navigation possibility, but you've done it all the same".

    Please admit that the removal of folder navigation is a retrograde step, and reinstate it.

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