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Would like to move Calendar events/appointments to a different Calendar

Sometimes if I am in my car or use Cortana to create Calendar appointments, it will often put the event in the wrong Calendar. I have my personal Calendar, My Work Account Calendar and our Family Calendar, but I cannot move the event between Calendars if it was created in the incorrect one. Drag and drop would be great, but would be happy to be able to do it in Edit mode.

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  • Peter Hansen commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I used to use Google calendar on PC with added Lunar, Holiday & Birthday calendars linked. My phone was also Google calendar & both synced. Worked brilliantly. I recently upgraded my phone to a Samsung Galaxy and began using its Samsung calendar which synced to PC's Google calendar automatically as I used my gmail address to log in. Its even better than before. It found all other linked calendars and put them in a list on my Phones calendar Menu.
    Now I've started to use Outlook calendar and so far it has synced with an older PC's Google calendar I couldn't access as that PC crashed and I could not remember my passphrase to sync the old PC & new PC Google settings together.
    So that was great Outlook managed to access the old 'Lost' calendar and automatically synced it with this new Outlook one.
    Now Outlook should also be able to find the new Samsung calendar on my phone and sync that with itself here and i'll have complete coverage with three different calendar sources all synced and overlaid upon each other.
    That will be showing that today's software tools have full functionality and quite easily integrate with rival companies platforms. This is joy to consumer ears, as in past experiences rival tech giants made things extremely frustrating for consumers changing brands, and trying every which way they can to get these rivals platforms to integrate with each other. Now it just appears to do it all seamlessly for you.

    Hopefully I can return here in few weeks time and report that every calendar system I've ever used has become active and have all integrated themselves seamlessly and automatically.

    Cheers to the team,
    Peter Hansen.

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