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[Bug report] Offline updates to calendar invites are lost

As a user of Outlook connected to Exchange, I want to add information to an unsent meeting invite when I am not connected to a network.
Expected result: The calendar invite can be updated before it is sent (in a similar manner to unsent emails), and the recipient sees the latest version.

Actual result: Changes made to unsent meeting invites are lost, and there appears to be no way to recover the unsent changes that were made.
Client version: Outlook for Mac 16.12 (180410)

Server: Exchange (unknown version)

Steps to reproduce:

1. Disconnect from network (preventing Outlook from sending).
2. Create a meeting with an invite and click Send. The invite will fail to send, as expected, and appear in Outbox.
3. Open the same meeting invite found in Outbox, add some text to the invite, and click Send.
4. Note that the invite in the Outbox now appears to show the changes that were just made.
5. Reconnect to network and wait for the invite to actually send (or Send/Receive).
6. After it is sent, check Sent for the invite and note that the changes made are gone, and the recipient of the invite does not see them either. Neither Drafts nor Sent has the unsent changes.

The steps can be repeated with an email instead of a meeting invite, and it behaves as expected.

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