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Feature to enable meeting minutes within an invite to Auto update it and send it to all invitees once completed in Microsoft Outlook 2016

Feature to enable meeting minutes within an invite to Auto update it and send it to all invitees once completed in Microsoft Outlook 2016

Add a "meeting minutes" button within a meeting invite or appointment on your calendar.

I currently past a meeting minutes template into my meeting invite on my calendar. This is filled out during the meeting, may be completed after. Once minutes are completed, I print to PDF. this now shows the meeting time, location, invitees automatically in the header along with my name as the recorder of the minutes. I simply highlight in dark grey the list of attendees that did not attend to show who was in attendance. I then load the pdf to the invite and resend so that everyone has the minutes.

Is a great format for minutes, but is labor intensive. could be a simple button to create minutes that pulls in a choice of templates or custom, when completed, auto updates all parties, along with email notification of update.

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  • Sarvesh Mehta commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Background - Outlook is widely used for sending minutes of the meet; what generally minutes of the meeting are sent to all attendees and stakeholders. However inevitably all the points in minutes are either not closed and follow up is extremely manual.
    Need to automate this vide a module for entering minutes of the meeting.

    Concept & solution-
    Create a minute minder module within Outlook. Instead of pasting minutes of the meet in the body of the email, the user can directly input things in this module which will have placeholders such as -
    a) Date
    b) Time of the meet
    c) Attendees - email ids and names can be imported from Exchange server
    d) Agenda & Title
    e) Various templates of entering the actual minutes
    i) S.No.
    ii) Actionable
    iii) Responsible
    iv) Timeline
    v) Category
    vi) Priority
    vii) Dependency on other actionable - Y/N
    vii a) If yes, point actionable number.

    Once all details are entered, a GANTT chart is auto-created with timeline view and everyone receives this as an email notification which redirects to Minute Minder module on Outlook.

    All stakeholders get an option to edit, modify, delete, add pointers, subject to approval by the original minute maker (this can be managed through a workflow )
    Minute minder will send reminders to all stakeholders on T-5,T-2 and T0 days; also they can seek extension vide the module asking for an edit; all changes will go to the originator.

    Stakeholders can flag a task as completed with the option to choose the completion date and the option to attest supporting emails/screenshots/documents as a proof of completion. For every completed task a notification is sent out to the group (basis milestones) ; this will help classify whether teh task was completed within time.

    All points in the minute minder with a timeline will be shown in red, amber and green flagging signifying due, pre-due & overdue status.

    Everytime an actionable timeline is breached, an sms notification to all stakeholders will be sent. for all breaches, a separate email will be sent to the supervisor of the stakeholder. This feature can be enabled disabled at an org level or by the minute maker.
    Furthermore, for every dependent actionable reminder to the stakeholder on whom it is responsible on T-2 and T0 days ( T being date of delivery entered in the minutes book)

    There are many features and visualization ideas which I have, but hey I have practically given for free, an independent app idea which all corporate would love to have, because its a serious issue with all us office goers.

    Have lots of ideas around this concept. But get in touch with me and help me monetise ;-) for more ideas. Dont mind working for Microsoft too. Pardon the rough draft ; your suggestion window does not have good real estate to see how the final draft looks.

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