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This by far is the worst email application for Android phones bar none. I'm considering quitting Hotmail and Microsoft because of it.

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Hi there,

Thank you for using Outlook and letting us know about your current experience. We really appreciate your support.

We are so sorry this is happening to you. Please contact us through the Help Section of the app (in the Settings) so that we can assist you in the best possible way.

We look forward to fixing this for you.

All the best
The Outlook Mobile Team

PS: We are not able to see replies on this address. Please use the Help Section of the app for any questions.

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    What happened to Microsoft?

    Seems they're spread too thin and don't have clear vision of where they are headed.

    Trying to create a universal Operating System that runs on all devices ( desktop, laptop, tablets, smartphones )... Great idea if it ever works.

    Microsoft doesn't have mobile presence. Android and IOS dominate.

    Surface Pro isn't a tablet, it's a laptop physically configured to masquerade as a tablet.

    I've not come across anyone who uses smartphone with Windows OS.

    Seems Microsoft is primarily focused on Desktop and servers and doesn't have clue on how to create mobile apps.

    I don't like any of their office desktop apps they've created for Android...

    None of their desktop apps that have been converted to run on android work very well. They're basically viewers ( used to view data in word, excel, etc... ) not manipulate, process or create new docs, data, etc...

    Outlook on android prior to the new and recent upgrade released in beginning of 2015 was pretty good. Not as good as Gmail or ymail, but good enough that I choose to use it primarily because Google and Yahoo scan contents of your email.

    I started using Outlook for all communications and correspondences including busineess.

    Now outlook is completely broken.

    I'm sure Microsoft has an idea of where they want to take their users, but they're alienating, isolating and infuriating their customers.

    It's getting to point many would gladly welcome and switch to other sources and vendors to get away from Microsoft since they show no regard for there customers.

    Once someone comes out with good desktop software that can be universally used in business, Microsoft will become extinct like so many other businesses...

    Bing isn't any good compared to Google, yet Microsoft tries to force it on their users.

    Windows 8.1 Update was pretty good, but missed mark and has lots of flaws and bugs. So they're basically giving away Windows 10 for free because no one is really interested in going to their next OS as they've proven, they're out of touch with what people want and they typically break everything when they release something new.

    I'm going to see if google gmail will work and recognize outlook email aliases. If it does I'm going to start migrating over to Gmail...

    If Microsoft burned it's customers this many times in past and present ( especially with this new Outlook update / release ), they'll do it again.

    Current Outlook app for Android is garbage compared to previous Outlook app.

    The new Outlook app should have never been released.

    Sun Microsystems made huge mistake in underestimating PC hardware and Microsoft OS and desktop software.

    I suspect Microsoft is headed down similar path...

    I'm leaning so heavily in direction of switching over to Apple IOS / laptop and Google gmail and docs.

    I'm going to take an online course / introducting to Google docs and see if I can permanently switch over.

    If Google docs can handle Microsoft Word docs, Excel Spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides, and import Outlook email, then I'm done with Microsoft. I'll abandon all their products.

    You really blew it Microsoft when you tried to force this new 2015 Oulook app on your customers.

    You tried to force windows 8 without start button on your customers and it failed so you're bring it back in Windows 10...

    But this blatant blunder and disregard of impact to your Outlook user base is inconceivable.

    How in the world a decision was made to release this Garbage is beyond me.

    Nothing but complaints.

    I don't think there is a single power user of previous Outlook app that likes current Outlook 2015 app.

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