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get new techs,copy desktop version,for 3 months I have had same issues techs can't figure out how to fix.this app is,inferior

app has bugs,not user friendly .for 3 months,techs,still can't fix my issues,and finally gave up very disappointing that tech support is very weak and can't fix issues.Desktop version should have been copied this mobile app has to many issues bugs,glitches that they can't fix.Worst idea is when replying to emails the reply is at bottom so u have to scroll all the,way to bottom and person I am sending to has same problem I have never seen such backward ideas put into a app.Tech can't fix issues and doesn't want his boss to know I have requested and change in tech who was suppose to fix my issues but in 3 months,didn't fix a thing.I can see by all the suggestions most users are not happy with this app and they don't make any changes for the better.they should scrap this app and put in a duplicate of desktop version which works perfectly this one has to many bugs and flaws and nobody to fix them.đź‘Žđź‘Ž

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Hi there,


Thank you for using Outlook and letting us know about your current experience. We really appreciate your support.


We are so sorry this is happening to you. Our helpful colleagues over the in-app support are more than happy to have this answered. Please contact us through the Help Section of the app (in the Settings) so that we can assist you in the best possible way.


We look forward to fixing this for you.


All the best

The Outlook Mobile Team


PS: Please use the Help Section of the app for any questions, we are not able to see replies to this address.


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