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make Do Not Disturb activate the phones Do Not Disturb setting.

I want the new Do Not Disturb setting to activate the phones Do Not Disturb setting for events set as Busy. This way you will not be interrupted by phone calls and/or text messages or other app notifications during a meeting. This was how Outlook on Windows phones worked many years ago and it was great!

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Grundey, Ken shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

Hey everyone!

Thank you all for your feedback and patience while we worked on this great feature.

You can now temporarily turn off your email notifications using the new Do not Disturb feature of the app. To do so simply tap on the 3 horizontal lines on the top left corner> Next tap on the bell icon next to the email address displayed or go to the “All Accounts” tab to set up do not disturb for all accounts connected to the app > Next choose the timed or scheduled option that best suits your needs.

If you have any questions or need assistance locating this feature please contact our in-app support team by going to Settings>Help & Feedback> Contact Support.

All the best

The Outlook Mobile Team

P.S. Please use the Help Section of the app for any questions, we are unable to see replies to this address.


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  • Nelson, Jonathan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Looking closer at this I see the answer was copied and pasted onto a bunch of topics that include the phrase "Do Not Disturb", and not all by the same poster. Apparently this answer was a canned response written by a product manager and given to the Customer Service team. I don't blame them, but it doesn't address the specific use case of this request. Sloppy work Microsoft.

  • Nelson, Jonathan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    yeah, the responder did not address the feature request. We want Outlook to silence all notifications using Android's Do Not Disturb feature based on busy calendar events.

    My organization requires SD card encryption to sync to my phone through the native Android account system. my phone does not support this so I have to remove the SD card every night then trigger the sync manually to get the updates for my calendar. All of that just so I can use a Tasker profile to disable notifications during meetings.

    If Outlook could do this automatically I would be thrilled! Why doesn't it?

  • Tom Armor commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This should not be closed. I want a Busy status in outlook calendar for an appointment to generate the Do Not Disturb feature of Android (silencing notifications, etc., except for Favorite contacts) for the Busy duration of the outlook calendar utem.

  • Melissa P. commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    yeah I work at 2 am and go to bed by 8pm. Getting emails streaming in constantly while I'm working or trying to rest is super inconvenient. I've opted for the complete do not disturb option as it's the only one that will work for my life.

  • David Slusser commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    A while back, I requested a feature to set a Do Not Disturb feature. So Notifications can be turned off based on a schedule.

    I'm glad to finally see a Do Not Disturb option. But...what a joke.

    Why would the times be hard coded, not being changeable? I work 6am to 5pm 5 days a week. i would love to be able to shutoff the notifications when it fits my schedule, not justified by someone else.

    I guess I'm back to turning notifications off all together. I would love to meet the team that said "Yep...8a-5p is all we are gonna give them". LOL. I would of busted out laughing if I was in that meeting. And being a software designer myself, a feature lock like that, is almost embarrassing.

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