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Create An Option to ACTUALLY Turn Off Junk E-Mail Protection

Junk E-mail is catching good emails, even when I put emails from those senders back in my inbox! I have turned the setting to "OFF" which isn't even labeled properly..The two lowest options for the levels of junk e-mail protection are as follows;

"Turn junk e-mail protection"

"Catch the most obvious junk e-"

When I set it to "None", things are STILL being cause by the junk filter. I work with databases so there are a number of automated reports that get emailed to me. I have filters set up to accept and organize those reports but junk email keeps catching them. I understand that they may look spammy because of their volume and frequency of appearance but I'm also getting real emails from coworkers being caught in my junk folder. Please issue a bug fix to allow me to completely turn off your useless attempt at a junk filter. Thanks

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  • Emma Ryan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It's a disaster at the moment. Since the update, dozens of my emails that should have gone straight to my inbox have disappeared into my junk. One really important one was found in there today and it's caused real problems.

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